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Thunder Labrador Retrievers
We are Professional Labrador Retriever Breeders licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, License Number 267334-DS.
We passed our first State Inspection on August 17, 2011.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Pups
Chocolate Labrador Retriever Pups
Black Labrador Retriever Pups

Health-Tested Parents For Healthier Puppies
EIC and CNM Guarantee
Hips, Eyes, Heart and Elbows Guaranteed

Most pups are priced at 1000 plus state and county sales tax. Also, effective January 1, 2014, a $100 fee is applied to all puppies to offset the expenses incurred complying with the State of Wisconsin dog licensing law. The total price after taxes, microchip, bag of food, vet health certificate, is 1235. Puppy price may be more if we pay a stud fee for a "big dog". (NFC, FC, AFC, MH)
Welcome to southern Wisconsin, home of Thunder Labradors. Owned by Richard and Mirella Spike, we are committed to the Labrador retriever puppy. We raise yellow Labrador puppies, chocolate Labrador puppies and black Labrador puppies. Check out our puppies by clicking on any puppy link above or below. You will be directed to, which is where we highlight our litters.

We are 25 minutes south of Madison, WI, one hour west of Milwaukee, WI, and less than 2 hours from O'Hare in Chicago, IL. Just a 5 minute drive from Exit 160 on Interstate 90 - (Edgerton/Deerfield Exit) We have a printable map with written directions on the DIRECTIONS page.

What are the benefits of getting a Thunder Labrador Retriever?

- Hip, eye, elbow, heart, EIC, CNM Guarantee!
- Smart pups. Easily trained with consistent effort.
- Amount of time socializing pups. Children anyone?
- Beautiful dogs! See pictures throughout our site.
- Respected pedigrees. We can email any pedigree.
- Sound worming program. Puppies and adults.
- Health Record showing vaccinations and wormings.
- Clean kennels. We disinfect regularly.
- We're experienced in delivering the best puppy care.
- Free phone consultations for the life of your dog.

What are your needs?

Tell us your needs by email or phone. Whether you are looking for a pet, hunt test dog, hunting dog or all of the above, we focus on producing good looking, intelligent, trainable pups with a strong desire to retrieve. Stay consistent with your puppy's training and he/she will perform. Both in the house and/or in the field. All breeding dogs are screened for genetic disorders before they are bred. We use AKC registration, OFA, and CERF.

Why are we different from others?

Training, breeding and hunting the Labrador Retriever is a full time passion for us and we pride ourselves in producing superior puppies. One thing that separates us from others is the amount of time we spend socializing puppies. All Thunder Labrador pups are socialized through an ENS program (Early Neurological Stimulation). Do a search for "canine ENS" to learn what that is. Also, see our TESTIMONIAL page. Puppies are physically and genetically sound, have friendly temperaments and great pedigrees. Please be prepared to answer a few basic questions about yourself and your puppy's new environment. Great pups deserve great homes.
Bullet 1 Companions and family pets 
Bullet 2 100% socialized pups 
Bullet 3 Gun dogs 
Bullet 4 FREE phone consultations for the life of your dog 
Bullet 5 Hip, eye, elbow, EIC, CNM guarantee 
Bullet 6 All pups come with a completed Health Record 
What is the process to buy
a puppy?
Bullet 1 Go to 
Bullet 2 Find a litter that interests you 
Bullet 3 Send us an email about that litter 
Bullet 4 Answer the questions we send you via email 
Bullet 5 Send a deposit of $200 
Bullet 6 Wait impatiently for us to schedule a puppy pick-up